Update : Twitter Auto Post

Time for an update on the Twitter Auto Post project!

Last year I started work on a service that allows Radio Stations to automatically post their “Now Playing” songs to Twitter.

It’s been very busy with this project as more and more requests came in for additional features and now this is where we are with this project with regards to features and functionality.

– Compatible with Shoutcast (v1/v2), Icecast & Radionomy.
– Compatible with most playout & automation systems.
– Customisable messages including hashtags
– Customisable posting frequency
– Dynamically replace the artist/band/group name with their official Twitter account.
– Add the artists/groups/bands image to each Tweet.
– Add a “Buy this Song” link to each Tweet.

The feedback from users of this service has been excellent as many radio stations have seen a huge increase in followers, retweets (sometimes by the artist themselves) and many favourited tweets. There was one tweet that got retweeted to over 170.000 followers.

There’s more information about the service over at www.twitterautopost.co.uk or if you are interested then just drop me an email here.