And so is born…

What started as a small project for a couple of my own radio stations has turned out to be a bit of a success!

“Wouldn’t it be great if I could get the name of the songs that were playing on the radio station onto Twitter so that followers could see what was being played” I thought…

So after a but of research and armed with my knowledge of PHP off I set.

Getting the names of the songs to appear on Twitter was relatively easy. A bit of PHP coding, some BASH scripting and off you go… Easy!

Then came the “Wouldn’t it be cool of you could post an image of the artist that was playing?” challenge! I remember it well… That added quite a bit more complication to how it all worked. Challenge accepted!

“How about if you could tag the artist that was being played? That would be cool!” was the next one. Again, all possible, the data is out there.

By this time a few radio stations have found out about the service and are actually paying to use the system. Time to start advertising this! Along came The website ( a because they are cheaper to purchase) advertised the service to see if there was any real interest in the service. Turns out, YES! there was an interest, quite a big one!

The issue now is that people are (obviously) wanting to change details and configuration (the message to be posted, the frequency, whether to post images or not, etc…). Cue a MAJOR rethink of how all this is going to work. Time to design a Control Panel!

So as I had coded and written most of this myself, I decided to go ahead and see if I would write up and code a customer control panel myself… Yes as it turns out! This was a very big change to how the whole system worked. There were already a number of stations using the service, so this all had to be rolled out without causing any disruption to the existing users so along cam the painful moving of each account form the ‘manual’ system to the new ‘2.0’ system whereby users could log into their own account and make the changes themselves in realtime.

Stay tuned for the next update to bring us right up to date with where the project is now!