When will someone at airtelbroadband.in get a grip?

Enough is enough!

The administrators of airtelbroadband.in must be more than aware of their network being used on a constant basis to SPAM people. Yet day after day tons of SPAM turn up from their network. When will they do something about it?

Ever heard of these characters:

Stella Fair
Ivan Ballard
Donna Gabriel

There are more, but these are the most common ones…

Are there any genuine users of this network or has it been set up with the only purpose of spamming other Internet users.

If you run any kind of network that is connected to the Internet, do yourself (and your users) a huge favour and just block this whole range of IP’s. NOTHING good comes from them: to

They are all operated by the same network, Bharti Airtel Limited, and all that comes from them is SPAM on a daily basis.

I fail to believe that they are unaware of what is going on and they are FAILING to do anything about it and get control of their network.

ACT NOW! Before more and more people block your whole network for spamming and then the little amount of genuine users you will have left will suffer because of it. Thats said, with the few genuine users you have, they will be getting a poor service due to the amount of spam being transmitted over your network clogging it up!