Cloud Audio Logging


We’ve just launched a new service at for logging the audio broadcast of radio stations. Logging your Radio Stations audio output is, depending on your type of station, a legal requirement by the FCC or OFCOM and failure to do so could lead to fines for your station.

With our Cloud Audio Logging service, you do not need to invest in any hardware or software, just provide us with your audio stream and we’ll record and store your radio stations output for up to 42 days.

You can access the audio logs from anywhere in the world via our custom control panel and listen back to any of the content of your station and download any files you require.

The service is useful not only for legal requirements, but for situations where station owners or programmers want to listen back to some any content from the station, maybe something a DJ or presenter said, maybe to record and store an interview, a caller who went to air, or any other situation whereby you need to have access to your stations output.

The service is compatible with all major streaming platforms such as Shoutcast and Icecast and is also compatible with all MP3 and AAC+ streams.

The Cloud Audio Logging service records your stream to the cloud 24/7 and stores it for 42 days. You can access it via desktop, tablet or mobile and play it back in convenient hourly chunks or download it as required.

All recordings are stored in broadcast-quality 128kbps stereo files.

For more information, just visit the website at