Installing the Eonon G2210 head end unit in a Mercedes W204


I’ve just bought myself this Eonon G2110 Head End unit to replace the default Audio 20 unit in a Mercedes Benz W204.

The Eonon G2210 offers a lot of flexibility and is Android based which means it can easily be customised. It offers all the benefits of a tablet with the advantage of being a double DIN head end unit.

I was initially looking at installing a tablet in the car but then realised that there was no need to try and re-invent the wheel when there was already this type of unit available, and at a decent price. The unit is currently available from Amazon UK at a very decent price of £265.

This isn’t quite a review yet, but I’m hoping that this post will show up in some Google searches for the same problem that I have encountered. My issue is that it seems impossible to connect the unit up to the CANBUS system (present in the Mercedes Benz, but also in a large number of other vehicles.

The manufacturer of the unit, Eonon, have told me that the unit is not compatible with the CANBUS system, but the unit has a steering wheel unit screen and I fail to understand what other purpose this learning screen does if it is not for decoding the CANBUS signals from both the steering wheel and the other items that would be handy (next/previous track, answer, hang up, vaolume up and down, etc…)

So, I am hoping that this post will get picked up for other people struggling to do the same and we can help each other out.

At the moment I have ordered these cables in a hope that I can get something working:


If you come across this thread, and you have been able to find anything out, please let me know. Also, if you are looking for a solution, please leave a comment below and we’ll see if we can get this working!

EDIT : I managed to finally get this working. As soon as I can I will post the instructions and a brief guide on how I got it to work.

UPDATE : DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE UNITS! I’m on my second unit and it is now unusable. They are utterly useless. The first one went back after a few months, it just died. I was sent an ‘updated’ replacement unit under warranty which laster a few more months and then the SD card slot broke and now it just factory resets itself when I turn it on. Eonon will not help as it is now out of warranty. AVOID THIS BRAND!

  • Alex L.

    i got the same HU and using an canbus Adapter from the same manufacturer.

    How did wiered it up to get the SWC working.

    • Hi Alex, really sorry for the delay in replying. I didn’t get a notification that you had commented…

      So I wired it up in exactly the same way that it appeared in the diagram that came with the unit. Did you get a wiring diagram? It is available online here.

      You also need to set the CANBUS to Mercedes (I think it says B Class, but it works) in the Steering Control Menu on the HU.

      Let me know if you need any other help, or where you are stuck.

      • Le Gog

        Gavin, Useful info as I am looking to buy the same HU. Did you have to buy an additional patch lead other than the adaptor interface you mention above?

  • Le Gog

    Gavin, Following my comment below, apart from possibly requiring an additional patch lead, where did you connect the long yellow wire that is part of the connector? Le Gog